Ammal, which means hope and action in Arabic, is a peer-led personal development network for women developed by the team at Chayn in recognition of the need to provide women with the technical capabilities and the confidence needed to succeed in today’s comeptitive workforce. Ammal gives women access to both free open-sourced training in digital skills, and to a 24/7 online #SheforShe support network. This network ensures that Ammal is more than just another educational provider. It is designed to encourage women to stop competing with each other and start collaborating, empowering women to pay it forward by passing on their on their skills to others and championing the one for all, all for one ethos of Ammal.  The girl effect is already powerful, but we can make it more so by actively promoting its spread, join Ammal to Learn, Connect and Activate. 

Our Courses

Personal Branding

An in-depth look into creating a personal brand online using social media sites Titter, LinkedIn and blogging platforms

CVs and Cover Letters

Job applications can be daunting get top tips on how to make your CV and cover letters stand out from the crowd.

The Freelance Hustle

Working lives have changed and more and more people are choosing to work for themselves. This course provides an overview of the challenges and opportunities of being a freelancer and gives tips on how to be a champion freelance hustler.

Design basics

A quick overview of the key concepts in digital design  such as shape, pattern, space, typography and texture.

Designing Social Media Graphics

This course provides an introduction into how to make your brand come alive through social media graphics such as Facebook and Twitter tiles and banners.

Logo Design

Designing a logo doesn’t have to be complicated. This course provides guidance on how to utilise freely available tools to make a logo that has maximum impact in minimum time.

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Partners and Friends


  • Fab initiative!

  • I think everything has been great, a bit of theory, a bit of practice, socialising and having feedback on our work. The time has been distributed very wellI think everything has been great, a bit of theory, a bit of practice, socialising and having feedback on our work. The time has been distributed very well.

  • It was a great session! Great to hear that women are trying to help other women and changing attitudes etc.

  • Thank you very much for holding the workshop. I have a better understanding of tools for making digital things better.

  • I had a fantastic time -- a Saturday morning and afternoon well spent 🙂 Thank you for organising and volunteering your time!


  • 96% of Ammal graduates would recommend a course to a friend

  • 100% of women graduate from Ammal feeling more confident in their skills than they arrived and feeling that they they could put their new skills into action.

  • Ammal courses receive, on averae a 5/5* rating